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Topics of Interest...

Employee Survey

Over 1,600 individuals working in the Highland Corporate Parks participated in an online survey.  Survey findings confirmed concerns about traffic congestion entering and exiting Highland including the primary feeder roads: Route 99 and Route 122.  The survey also confirmed support for additional park amenities including a fitness center and additional eating and drinking options.  Other items referenced in the survey included a shuttle bus to downtown Providence and to rail stations in Providence and Attleboro, MA.

Traffic Study

In collaboration with the City of Woonsocket and the Town of Cumberland, Highland engaged Pare Corporation to conduct a traffic study at the intersections of Route 122, Route 99, and roads entering Highland.  The study confirmed that the road intersections servicing Highland were operating poorly.  The study recommended modifications to some of the intersections.  The cost for realistic alternatives was estimated to be around $3 million.

Fitness Center and Food/Beverage Services

Highland engaged Crossman Engineering, Inc. and Vision3 Architects to conceptualize the development of Lots 18 and 19 in Highland/Cumberland.  The vision is to develop the properties for a fitness center, coffee shop, and food truck court.  Highland emphasizes that the vision is conceptual only.  Highland is also investigating other development concepts contiguous to the parks that would respond to the needs expressed in the Employee Survey.  The challenge confronting these development concepts include identifying interested developers/tenants and confirming suitable market demand.

Road Construction - Cumberland Hill Road, Woonsocket

Cumberland Hill Road, from Route 99 to the Hamlet Avenue Bridge, will be under construction beginning on June 30, 2019 for 4-5 weeks.  Expect night work from 9 PM to 6 AM and day work from 9 AM to 3 PM.  See RIDOT advisory.

Transit Options for Highland Corporate Park

EDFRI has been working with Woonsocket Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) and Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) to advance transit options for Highland.  This initiative is a direct outgrowth of feedback from the previously conducted survey with Highland workers.  Survey participants expressed a desire for public transit options connecting Highland to rail-transit stations, and Downtown Providence.

RIPTA and RIDOT are currently developing Rhode Island’s first public-transit plan.  The Mayor wants to ensure that a Woonsocket rail station is included in the State’s public transit future.  The rail station is envisioned to offer a connection to the commuter rail station in Pawtucket/Central Falls, which is scheduled for construction commencement in 2021. A rail station would offer rail transit connections north to Boston, and to points south.  In the interim, other flexible transit options are being explored including flexible bus/van options and a possible dedicated bus lane along Route 146 to Providence.

To support RIPTA’s and RIDOT’s planning efforts, it would be very beneficial to secure the zip codes of where Highland workers live. EDFRI is currently exploring ways to secure zip code data given, many employers are reluctant to share this information.  You can help by signing-up on this web site.  Any ideas would be appreciated.